Inversores, grandes corporaciones del sector educativo, compañías tecnológicas y emprendedores e innovadores en educación acudieron, el 2 de julio, al acto de graduación de las diez EdTech startups aceleradas en la sexta edición de SEK Lab. SEK Lab es la primera aceleradora EdTech de España. Una iniciativa que la Institución Educativa SEK puso en marcha en […]


Nace la European Edtech Alliance para unir fuerzas e impulsar el ecosistema Edtech a nivel europeo. SEK Lab EdTech Accelerator se suma a este proyecto internacional como entidad cofoundadora. La European EdTech Alliance (EEA) es un consorcio de asociaciones comerciales y clusters nacionales que trabajan con fundadores y proveedores de tecnología educativa. Representando a 2.000 […]

12 EdTech Startups nuevas en SEK Lab

Ya tenemos a las EdTech Startups ganadoras de la IV Edición de SEK Lab  En esta cuarta edición hemos batido record de participación con 50 EdTech Startups participantes. no sólo a nivel nacional, han acudido startups de India, Egipto, Alemania, Portugal, Rumania, Bulgaria, Finlandia, Canada y USA. Las 12 startups que disfrutarán sin coste de […]

The finalist Startups in the First Call for SEK Lab

We present to you 16 innovative startups in education for the First Call for SEK Edtech Accelerator, the first vertical accelerator in education based in Spain and working internationally. After closing the call for nominations last January 22, 2016, there were a total of 40 startups from 10 countries which applied to our acceleration program. […]

First call for SEK EdTech Accelerator

The first call for SEK EdTech Accelerator Lab was presented on December 15th in one of the key spots of entrepreneurship, in Campus Madrid by Google. Since the official presentation of the Educational Institution SEK initiative under the South Summit, we haven’t stopped being the talk of the town in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain. […]

Educational innovation startups

On December 15th SEK Educational Institution in Madrid presented a Call for the accelerator program of projects and startups in education, the SEK Lab Awards. Everyone launching a startup in the education sector knows how difficult it is to reach open doors in a school, college or university. It is complicated to talk to teachers, […]

SEK Lab in Google for students

SEK Lab was one of the organizations which participated in the first Google for students Event. We learned about this initiative at the South Summit and saw it as a great idea for bringing the entrepreneurial ecosystem to young undergraduates or master students who have a vision of what a startup is. The event was […]

We are innovators in education

SEK Educational Institution has its roots in a century-old family tradition; it is free and independent, and not connected to any religious, polical, or economic group. Its sole allegiance is to the development of quality training activities in accordance with its philosophy and education principles. The student is the centre and focus of the SEK […]

SEK Lab has been born

SEK Educational Group after more than 100 years of innovation in education, decides to go one step further in its search for the excellence in education. Not as a trend, but as a necessity to apply the open innovation to increase the competitiveness of the companies and pay attention to the market and customers’ needs. During […]