On December 15th SEK Educational Institution in Madrid presented a Call for the accelerator program of projects and startups in education, the SEK Lab Awards.

Everyone launching a startup in the education sector knows how difficult it is to reach open doors in a school, college or university. It is complicated to talk to teachers, school directors, managers or students because they are very tied up in their day-to-day, due to the fear of innovating or many other reasons.

Thanks to our acceleration program, 8 selected startups, 4 in seed stage and the other 4 in early stage, they will be able to get in touch with our wide educational community for 5 months on our campus in Villanueva de la Cañada. On this campus there is the International School SEK El Castillo with pupils from 0-18 years and the Camilo José Cela University with its 5 faculties, students from 19 year-old and older together with their teachers.

A SEK Sherpa, an expert of the house with an excellent background in education, will be responsible for accompanying the different startups through our educational ecosystem to validate its business model to the maximum.

During the last month we have received about 40 applications from entrepreneurs and startups from 10 different countries. A total of 32 meet the conditions for participation. We can say that they are true innovative startups in education, which is why they are passing to the next stage to be the finalists of the acceleration program.

This is the description of startups which aspire to enter the SEK Lab EdTech Accelerator:

  1. From Cameroon with the aim of generating employment among young people in Africa thanks to their talent and reduced costs – 1task1job.com
  2. From Madrid a platform for recent graduates to find the best scholarships for learning and start making money- https://www.becash.es/accounts/login/?next=/
  3. From Madrid a platform to learn any language, to find teachers in the place you choose for the price you want to pay – https://blabelia.com/
  4. From Madrid and San Francisco (Silicon Valley) a startup that has already raised its first round of financing, a most amazing Apps for kids http://chilikids.com/es/
  5. Also from Madrid, a platform for high school students to pass their university entrance examinations – https://www.clasesdeapoyo.com/
  6. Another Madrid team that uses technology to keep children learning in their leisure time, even in a shopping mall http://www.coesu.com/
  7. A of Galician tandem that awakens the creative side of children to invent their own stories http://www.creappcuentos.com/
  8. Bilbao software company developed an internal social network for primary schools http://www.enosistechnologies.net/
  9. A Madrid startup that democratizes access to an interactive science education, practices and fosters researchers vocation – http://www.escuelab.es/
  10. From across the Atlantic, in Venezuela a project whose ultimate goal is to improve school life by encouraging the achievement of objectives- http://www.escuelizate.com/
  11. A Madrid team again, adding a new layer to gain information about all existing knowledge and courses that people engage in, by practicing in a much more efficient and effective way – http://euclidemy.com/
  12. Córdoba startup that gives us all kinds of resources to create a more dynamic, original, interactive content without even knowing – https://www.genial.ly/
  13. We continue in Madrid with a startup that has developed a powerful App to make us more efficient, more productive and organized – http://hightrack.me/
  14. Madrid-based startup that offers the best services and solutions to all international students who wish to enter the International University System. They take care of all the paperwork. http://www.hostudents.com/
  15. We met them at South Summit, they are from Torino, Italy and they market fantastic kits for children to take a leap into programming and prototyping http://www.intoino.com/
  16. Imersiveenglish based in Madrid, wants to help us master the English language with an immersive method with over 100 common situations. Still in beta.
  17. iTopTraining, Madrid, proposes an adaptive e-Learning software (IADLearning), integrated with any LMS system and provides custom navigation recommendations on the content of a course, depending on the student profile http://www.iadlearning.com/
  18. Two aces from Moscow that will make our life easier, so that we can learn from any YouTube video thanks to a real-time transcription http://langvideo.net/
  19. We return to Madrid with a website that provides parents with hundreds of ideas to experience their leisure family time in a fun and educational way all at once: theater, workshops, camps, museums, exhibitions, and one and only entrepreneur in charge of the project: http://www.ocioparapeques.com
  20. Madrid startup that sounds great, an App for music teachers and students that makes learning faster and intuitive http://pentagrom.com/
  21. More locals who have launched an online training platform in the audiovisual sector and creative web through video pills less than 3 minutes long to effectively learn what they really need without wasting time http://pildorea.com/
  22. From Madrid with the aim of helping international students to reduce their uncertainty when they arrive in a new city. How? Creating community among them to benefit from the feedback and offering attractive plans in the city http://www.plusuni.com
  23. A Madrid powerful company with experience in augmented reality applied to architecture that will give a twist in education also http://www.realandvirtual.es
  24. Two entrepreneurs from Cádiz who are developing a social learning platform that offers a unique and motivating educational experience http://www.redalumnos.com
  25. RevInClassic are from Jaen and passionate about music. They are working on a comprehensive app for conservatories, orchestras, musicians and fans motivated for playing and enjoying further study of classical music http://beatik.com/es/inicio/
  26. A Dutch (who speaks perfect Spanish) with an excellent team who has launched an app that allows teachers to correct online and give better feedback to their students. On the other hand it standardizes the correction. We met at South Summit http://www.revise.ly
  27. Schooltivity are from Valencia. It’s a digital platform specialized in Early Childhood Education and elementary schools, which helps to manage educational centers easily and productively. Regarding school life, it does so by encouraging and facilitating familiy – school communication http://www.schooltivity.com
  28. From Tarragona, providing schools with comprehensive software to meet the needs of all types of users, paying close attention to protecting the information about the school and the students https://www.skoolpoint.com
  29. Madrid-born, true pioneers in launching the application me on educational identity for teachers and leaders, with users in 15 Latin-American countries http://www.docente.me/
  30. From Madrid, passionate about sport. They will redefine sport education in schools offering sports programs which develop students in a learning and fun environment, creating a valuable experience http://www.sport-madness.es/
  31. From Vigo, Startup City offers to Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs a joint, massive and free course of 16 weeks so they can create a successful startup. Also to the investors the best Spanish-speaking startups, categorized and evaluated http://www.e-mooc.com/
  32. Tic and Learning makes the technology implanted in schools become more a methodological tool in the hands of teachers and helps them change the way they teach their classes http://www.educa-ando.es
  33. Another team from GaliciaEnWeKAb. Platform that connects experts and trainers with training institutions in a flexible way including the variable of REPUTATION as an essential element .http://www.WeKAb.com
  34. An entrepreneur from Bilbao has launched a platform to find projects or jobs abroad. It also helps you learn the skills required to do business. http://zikhana.com/.

As you can see, all the startups are varied, interesting and innovative, so it will be quite difficult for the jury to choose the finalists.

We’ll keep a track on all of them because EdTech Is on Fire!!!

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