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European Edtech Map launched to showcase dynamic ecosystem


Supporting the domestic and international growth of edtech and innovation in education, the European Edtech Alliance is now launching a public European Edtech map ( in order to create a common picture of the European landscape in this vibrant, booming and fast growing market, and to showcase all its diversity.

“Our mission is to support the growth of the European Edtech sector, and to connect and strengthen the pan-European Edtech ecosystem.” Beth Havinga, Managing Director of the European Edtech Alliance.

“This map is going to be a powerful tool to feature the dynamic and fast-growing European Edtech space. It will be largely spread to investors, edtech buyers, the media, EU policy makers, and local governments! ” Svenia Busson, First Chair of the European Edtech Alliance.

The European Edtech Map will also make it easier for both start-ups and established companies to identify each other, in order to create partnerships or just to analyse the market. 

The map is addressing a global lack of knowledge about the edtech industry, what it looks like, what it strives to do and the challenges many edtech companies face in order to be able to develop the very best solutions for education and lifelong learning.

“We hope that the map will give a clearer picture of the edtech market and a common ground to start dialogues and conversations from. We need to build knowledge among users, stakeholders, and policy makers in order to get better conditions for innovation and development.” Jannie Jeppesen, Second Chair of the European Edtech Alliance, and CEO Sweden Edtech Industry.

About the map

The European Edtech Map is a map identifying edtech companies having headquarters in a European country. All free to use. It aims to give an overview of the edtech market in Europe making it possible to find solutions, resources, potential investments or companies to benchmark with, depending on who you are. Edtech companies who are members of any of European Edtech Alliances organisations are given the opportunity to add more information about their offerings.

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