SEK Lab was one of the organizations which participated in the first Google for students Event.

We learned about this initiative at the South Summit and saw it as a great idea for bringing the entrepreneurial ecosystem to young undergraduates or master students who have a vision of what a startup is.

The event was held on November 20 and the Madrid Campus Google Auditorium was packed to the rafters, almost a quarter of them were master’s students at the University Camilo José Cela.

Campus Madrid           Viva Campus Madrid!

We heard four stories of entrepreneurs and startups employees who enjoy a lot their day-to-day at work. That was one of the goals: to bring closer the values and the advantages of working in a startup company rather than starting your career being an intern of a large company.

After nearly four hours in the auditorium, we turned to the social moment of networking.  While sharing a few beers we met several CEOs of startups in search for new talent to join their team.

A great experience which we will surely repeat!

UCJC en Google Campus